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Genki Hälsa - nearly 20 years in business!!

Genki Hälsa offers professional help to self-help for most kinds of health-related problems.

We offer treatments primarily using Seitai, a Japanese acupressure method, but also offer treatments using CranioSacral Therapy, Intuitive Massage, Cupping, and Deep Tissue Massage.

Seitai is about self-healing through increased flow of ki. Through Seitai you will learn to listen to your body's signals, to respect your body and yourself. You will also learn not to switch off, but rather improve, your sensitivity with respect to your own needs.

The healing process is initiated from within your own healing power and the focus is on the origin of the problem rather than the symptoms. This is what Seitai is about, and this is what makes the effects long lasting.

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Treatments offered

Genki Hälsa offers treatments using Seitai, Craniosacral Therapy, and massage.

A Seitai-treatment takes about 45 minutes (sometimes less) depending on your problem and your body's response. The first consultation mostly takes 50-60 minutes.

During the treatment it is preferrable if you wear a pair of soft trousers without any back pockets. Any ordinary trousers of a softer fabric is fine. Back pockets and thick seams are not so good (like jeans for example) since this might limit the effects of the treatment by making it more difficult to feel the condition and to be exact on the angle, amount of pressure etc.

You can come to a Seitai treatment even if you have a cold since Seitai hightens your ki level and it will only be beneficiary for the healing process. There are no food or training restrictions before or after a treatment except that you should not take a hot bath on the same day as you receive a Seitai treatment. This is because a hot bath will relax your body completely and if you are unlucky the effects of the treatment will be reduced, or in worst case, completely lost. The day after however, once the effects of the treatment have established themselves in your body and the healing process is ongoing, a warm bath will not interfere with the effects of the treatment.

Please, do not hesitate to take a warm bath on any other day - the relaxing effects are highly recommended!

Seitai - a Japanese treatement

What is Seitai?

Seitai is a Japanese treatment that has its origin in acupuncture. It is an advanced form of acupressure where the only tool that is used is the hands of the Seitai therapist.

How is it done?

Pressure is applied to different parts/points on the body, using great precision. Even though the method has a very ancient origin, it is continously being developed and adapted to the needs that occur in our bodies due to the modern life style. This makes Seitai unique among the traditional therapies.

How does it work?

Seitai confirms and uses the extraordinary self healing powers of the human body. The treatment stimulates the ki flow, i.e. the power of life (ki can also be written chi or qi). Consequently, the Seitai therapist does not "cure" the condition but guides the body to improved health through self healing.

The founder of Imoto Seitai

Dr Kuniaki Imoto sensei is the founder of Imoto Seitai Traditional Manual Therapy Education and Development Center in Tokyo, Japan. In contrast to most other Seitai masters, Imoto Sensei wants to demystify Seitai and spread its knowledge as much as possible. He is the only one of the old masters that fully teaches the Seitai techniques to others. His vision is that people will learn to take care of their own bodies and to take responsibility for their own health. I share this vision with Imoto Sensei.

What is Craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form. It is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. In a typical craniosacral session, you will lie fully-clothed on a treatment couch. The therapist will make contact by placing their hands lightly on your body and tuning in. You will probably notice a sense of deep relaxation, which will generally last throughout the session. The treatment is enormously stress-reducing on a very deep level, reaching the core of your being.

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About Genki Hälsa

Genki Hälsa is located in Linköping, Sweden, and is managed by Anki Rune who gives treatments primarily using Seitai techniques. Seitai is a very specialised form of Japanese acupressure. Anki also offers treatments using Craniosacral therapy (a form of osteopathy), massage, cupping massage, and intuitive massage for self-healing of body and soul.

During a period of three years (1996 to 1999) Anki Rune lived and studied Seitai in Tokyo, Japan. During this period she was trained in the Seitai techniques directly by the Seitai master Kuniaki Imoto. Ever since returning home in 1999 she has practiced Seitai in Sweden.

During the years 2007-2008 she completed her Eastern knowledge with studies in Western Medicine. She has studied Craniosacral Therapy at Tranbergs Institute in Gothenburgh, and became a licensed CranioSacral Therapist in September 2009. Continuing to develop, her craniosacral work today is mostly in the field of Biodynamical Craniosacral Therapy.

Her outstanding skill is in the combining of Seitai and Craniosacral Therapy and in making each treatment the most effective and best suited for each individual, at that specific time.

Besides offering specialised treatments, Genki Hälsa provides lectures and tailor made courses for groups or companies.

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Genki Hälsa has a web shop where you can buy nutritional supplements to be delivered directly to your door.
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